About Us

About Us

About Us

PAN STONE PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. was founded by a dedicated and outstanding team of engineers who all have extensive experience in manufacturing rubber products. Our goal is to provide an innovative and quality product with zero defects. We continuously update our manufacturing systems and have a highly skilled and trained workforce. Pan stone manufactures standardised and custom made machines for customers.

Since 2005 Pan Stone has been a transnational company. Our overseas production factory is located in Anhui Province, China.
We supply machines worldwide and have a carefully chosen and well trained team of sales engineers strategically located throughout the world.

Pan Stone is focused on excellence in manufacturing and customer service. We believe that our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation will set the benchmark in this industry.

Provider of Rubber Injection Molding Machines

PAN STONE PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.is a professional Provider of Rubber Injection Molding Machines, specializing in Compression Molding Machine and Rubber Injection Molding Machine, etc.  We produce Vacuum Press, Molding Machine, Hydraulic Machine, Cutting Machine and Transfer Molding Machine, etc.  Besides, Punch Machine and Injection Molding Machine are also available.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for Rubber Press and Knife Grinding Machine.

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