PAN STONE HYDRAULIC INDUS. CO. LTD. was established by qualified, dedicated and outstanding engineering team with plenty of experiences in manufacturing rubber equipment. By standardizing and organizing our work system, we persistently strive to UPGRADE QUALITY and INNOVATE OUR PRODUCTS. We provide various kinds of custom-made products to meet customer's demands through our carefully built and well trained team of sales/ service professionals and strategically located representatives worldwide thus enabling us to implement our goal of PRODUCTS WITH ZERO DEFECT QUALITY. PAN STONE is the preferred choice for reputed customers worldwide as supplier of rubber machines. We supply the machines to Japan, USA, Europe, South-east Asia, Middle East, China and Taiwan...etc. Since year 2005, Pan Stone has become a transnational company. The overseas production factory is located in Anhui province, China with the total factory area of 36000 square meters. From year 2006, Pan Stone has technical cooperation with reputed injection molding machine company, LWB Steinl of Germany to develop machines of high quality injection technology. We believe that Excellent Quality, Satisfactory Customer Service and Continuous Innovation will propel us to set the benchmark for this industry and add everlasting power to our customers.

Rubber Compression Molding Machine(Column Type)

Being a quality conscious organization, we maintain high quality standards in our products and policies. The range offered by PAN STONE HYDRAULIC INDUS. CO. LTD. is manufactured using finest quality material that is sourced from vendors of high repute after scouring the market. We develop energy-effective, reasonable price, easy-to operate and durable Rubber Compression Molding Machine(Column Type) that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance.


 Machine Specification

Clamping Force
Main Ram
Heating Platen
Stroke of
Main Ram
100 Ø250 405x430 included 250 300 14.0 24.3
150 Ø300 450x480 included 250 300 16.4 32.8
200 Ø355 505x510 included 250 300 23.1 42.4
250 Ø400 570x610 included 250 300 25.8 47.8
350 Ø457.2 700x700 included 250 300 25.8 47.8
500 Ø560 700x700 included 250 300 29.5 59.0
850x850 40.0 80.0
1000x1000 49.6 99.2

1.Vacuum chamber
2.Press open and close
3.Internal upper ejector(lifter)
4.Internal bottom ejector(lifter)
5.Bottom mold slide out
6.Rail type mold opening system including front ejector
8.3rt-one plate mold turning
9.3rt-two plates mold turning
10.Bottom ejector
11.Lock pin(side jig air cylinder)
12.3rt-top mold turn 90
°+ upper Ejector ejects parts from Middle mold
13.3rt-top mold turn
90°+ mid mold turn  180°+ extrnal upper ejector



PAN STONE HYDRAULIC INDUS. CO. LTD. has provided more than rubber compression molding machine, helping our customers fulfill their orders with accuracy and on-time delivery. If you need any help at choosing the right Vacuum Compression Molding Machine Supplier to match your requirements, we are happy to create a free, detailed system specification and quote tailored to your requirements.